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About Us

More than just a "DJ"

For more than 20 years, we have been providing quality entertainment to Northern Indiana. Over time it has become easier for anyone with an iPhone and powered speakers to claim to be a "DJ". The reality is I can drive my car fast but that doesn't make me a professional race car driver! Being a "DJ" doesn't guarantee the success of your event. Dedication, Preparation and Personality is what makes you more than just a DJ. 

Dedication, Preparation and Personality

Totally Mobile DJs take customer service to a whole other level. An event doesn't start when you push "play" to start the music. Planning and Preparation is the main ingredient to any successful event. "To truly know your customers, their wants, needs, hopes and dreams, is what it takes to truly provide outstanding customer service". Only someone with a really outgoing Personality will have the dedication to undertake the preparation truly needed to make your event a success and that Personality will shine through with the music and entertainment everyone will enjoy.

The Why!

Any company can put up a fancy website with a lot of great words about being a DJ. The truth is almost every important decision in life will be made in person. You don't buy a house without looking at it. You shouldn't buy a car without driving it. You wouldn't marry your spouse without meeting and getting to know them. Why not meet the person your are entrusting the success of your event to? Why let a low price on a website make the decision that could ruin your Event? Contact Us today for your free consultation! Mobile DJ in South Bend, Wedding DJs in South Bend, Wedding DJs in Goshen, Mobile DJ in Goshen, Mobile & Wedding DJs in Elkhart. 


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